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  • Massive assortment of additional features:

    We offer a selection of additional features to create the ultimate bathing experience. Pick from a variety of features to design a walk-in tub that provides a safe and therapeutic experience in the comfort of your home. Learn more below.

Upgraded Features

  • 18 Air Jets
  • 10 Water Jets - *Our walk-in bathtubs can be designed to include 18 hydro air jets, 10 water jets, or a custom combination. typically installed around the back, legs, and feet. Custom positioning available.
  • Bidet - Personal hygiene jet located in the tub seat. Features a twistable “on/off” jet.
  • Select-A-Flow Diverter for Water Jets - Allows the user to divert the water jets from the back area down to the footwell of the tub.
  • Chromatherapy - Light Therapy
  • Aromatherapy - Scented beads that add an aroma to the air system when activated
  • Pure Bubbles/Micro Bubbles
  • Heated Seat
  • Heated Back
  • Wall Surround System - Fiberglass panels like 4” x 4” tile with bullnose
  • Ozonator cleaning system; for water jet/hydrotherapy system
  • Vibes Sound System
  • Overhead rainfall shower system
  • Vibrosonic Massage System
  • Warm and Safe temperature read out
  • Wall Mount Grab Bar 24"
  • Tub Mount Grab Bar 6"
  • Shower Riser for Handheld - Adjustable slide bar for handheld
  • Additional Fill Panels - Shelving for additional widths/lengths around the tub area
  • Custom Tub Color Options Available

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Our mission is to create a better product at a price that is more affordable for the customer. With most walk-in tub users needing access to bathing due to mobility or health issues, we set out to design a walk-in tub that would enable customers to enter freely and not have the concerns they face with competing walk-in tubs.

BOCA did an amazing job on our Mom's tub, now we don't worry about our Mother falling during bath time.

Thanks BOCA!   

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